The NeutraTEST Score

The NeutraTEST Scoring System explained

Each and every cooker hood (or extractor fan) has been tested! The NeutraTEST Score makes you understand the results.

We have created the NeutraTEST Score, which on a scale from zero to ten (where ten is the best) expresses the overall performance of a cooker hood.

The NeutraTEST Score is the result of our analysis of the official and compulsory test data according to the EU standard 65/2014. From January 2015, all cooker hood manufacturers on the European market must perform a certain number of tests according to these norms, and each EU country must verify the outcome, meaning the data and the way they are presented. In extreme cases the reproducibility of the tests are also checked. In the UK, it is the National Mesurement and Regulation Office (NMRO) that performs this control.

The extraction capacity and the noise level of the cooker hood (on minimum, maximum and boost level) count for 60% of the NeutraTEST Score, whereas energy consumption and grease filtering efficiency each count for 20%. Click on cookerhoodtests : you find the test data details (just click on the NeutraTEST Score), and you can sort and choose among the cooker hoods based on for example grease filtering capacity or noise level.

With this Score, we offer you an easy way to compare the many different cooker hoods available on the UK market and their overall performance in order to find the model that suits your kitchen.

Our test protocol explained

NeutraTEST wants to test as many cooker hoods as possible to get the full picture for you and us. You will see all test results as grades from zero to ten, with ten being the best possible score.

Two Test Methods

Neutratest is unique – to our knowledge – by the fact that we work with two sets of test procedures: The NeutraTEST Score based on the (BS) IEC or EU standards and our own Lab Score. We have so far tested 31 cooker hoods of a dozen different brands in our own lab. We use this information as important background knowledge about the manufacturers and for understanding the needs of the consumers. See also our You Tube videos about the test procedures and the observations.

Our Lab Score has an identical weighting to that of the NeutraTEST score based on manufacturer data. Thereby the scores and measures for noise level and extraction respectively accounting for 60% of our Lab Score allow us to evaluate and compare directly to the European tests and technical specification sheets from the manufacturers.

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