The best cooker hood for your kitchen island

... is a wall-mounted cooker hood! Explanation follows.

The first argument is financial. Island hoods cost twice as much as identical wall-mounted hoods – the only reason is that the customers considering a kitchen island probably have a greater purchasing power.

Convenience is another strong argument. If you want an effective and lasting solution, your extractor fan should do exactly that: extract the polluted air from your kitchen. It can be done via a pipe through the roof, but it is not a simple solution, and - as an example - 5m of tubing with two bends means approximately 25% reduced air extraction capacity for your island cooker hood.

Finally, recycling the air is not a good solution. Cooker hoods having carbon filters are louder, less effective and their maintenance is time-consuming and expensive.

Therefore we recommend to "think upside-down": Keep your kitchen island and use it for conversations, as a dining area, a cutting area, for washing the dishes or whatever you want to; it's brilliant! However, be sure to find a place for your cooker hood and stove at an outside wall, so you can extract the air directly.

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