A particularly thorough and smart cooker hood buyer has shared his experience with us. Read his story below.

The conclusion we can draw from this is that ONLY the EU datasheets provide a reliable base for comparing between brands and the performance of their models.

A fundamental user experience. Thanks for sharing!

See 600 EU datasheets here.

Soren, this is what I call thorough and I'm quite pleased I insisted on this. I finally got the EU Product Fiche sent to me by XYZ for their xyz ceiling hoods, which I attach for your interest. I can't believe the difference in the extraction rate performance compared to information they give on their website which lists the figures as 'unrestricted' and, as you say, means nothing to me or you. 

If you now compare these official extraction figures against the Air Uno Otello and the Faber 2.0 Heaven, you’ll see that Faber comes out on top as the winner by far, at all speeds except at Intensive where Otello is more powerful. Faber doesn't do so well on the dB levels but, as you said, it will be in the ceiling so may not be as noisy.

It is quite surprising that I was considering XYZ as being the best and just looking at the XYZ website you would think that the xyz is superior to all other models, but in reality this is a marketing tactic, especially when they don't readily provide the EU documentation like other manufacturers do.

Thank you for pointing this important information out to me.

XYZ: we have chosen not to quote the name of the manufacturer in question.

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