NeutraTEST Cooker Hood Test Results

In early summer 2014 we tested cooker hoods from 9 different manufacturers:

Bosch – Broan – Electrolux – Faure – Glem – Rosières – Sauter – Scholtes – Whirlpool (alphabetical order).

The overall Lab Scores vary only little between 4.4 and 6.6 on a scale, where 10 is best, even though the recommended retail prices go from €119 to €599. However, the performance with regard to noise, air extraction and other elements (such as light, cleaning, ease of use, extra features and mounting) varies significantly among the tested models.

The air extraction high performer achieved a score of 7.8, but was the second worst with regard to noise. The worst performers received air extraction scores of a mediocre 2.5 or 3.1.

The noise level of the cooker hoods had scores from 2.1 (the worst) to 7.4. As it could be expected in most cases there is a direct adverse relationship: More noise means more air extracted, having said so we also found some models noisy but not powerful.

The winner from Scholtes was quite efficient with regard to air extraction, but did so at a flexible and (relatively) pleasant noise level as the cooker hood model has variable speed control and is quite silent at minimum level.

The scores for air extraction and noise count each for 25%. Each of the remaining other tested elements counts for 8.3% with scores between 4.4 and 7.1.

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