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Søren, Co-founder

Our indoor air quality suffers tremendously when we light candles or when we are not good at airing our homes in the winter. That we already know.

However, we are less aware of the fact that cooking a delicious dinner may also damage our health.

A properly mounted kitchen hood plays an important role here. With it, you’ll avoid ...

breathing air that is more polluted than the air in Delhi!

The message from The Guardian is clear: We need to be aware of the pollution we create at home when we cook our Sunday roast!

Research by the University of Colorado Boulder shows that home pollution rises during cooking. In fact, so much so that the air reaches a level of contamination higher than that in Delhi, one of the world’s most polluted cities! It all depends on what type of cooking you’re doing, of course.

The worst is roasting meat and vegetables in a gas oven. In short, it is dangerous to our health!

Tiny PM2.5 particles are released, which we then breathe in. In the long term, it can cause respiratory disorders and cardiovascular diseases. The smallest particles can spread from the lungs to the bloodstream and build up in, for example, the liver, heart and brain. No less!

One positive note is that in our homes the levels of pollution fall again - unlike in Delhi - at least until the next time we light the gas...

The researchers behind the study put forward these recommendations: 

Boil your food instead of frying! Or, on a more serious note: use your extractor hood + open the window when you roast food.

I would like to add:

Mount your cooker hood in extraction mode with a vent to the outside. 

Compared to a recirculation hood, it is much more efficient, is not expensive to maintain and makes less noise.

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