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43 cooker hoods have been added to NeutraTEST’s data base for extractor fan test results!

From January 2016 NeutraTEST's British data base for cooker hoods is up and running for you to search in order to find your favorite extractor fan.

The best cooker hood for your kitchen island

... is a wall-mounted cooker hood! Explanation follows.

The fundamental question is can we trust the data supplied by the manufacturers and controlled by the 28 EU member states?

Get to know more about cooker hoods! Please find below our comments regarding the cooker hoods tested by NeutraTEST in 2014 and 2015. By reading through our evaluations you will gain a rapid and concise understanding of what is important when choosing your cooker hood.

All models can be found on the NeutraTEST comparator where you can:

- scroll through hundreds of models with EU data
- use the “search” function to find a specific model or brand
- view test details by clicking “the NeutraTEST Score”.

In early summer 2014 we tested cooker hoods from 9 different manufacturers:

Bosch – Broan – Electrolux – Faure – Glem – Rosières – Sauter – Scholtes – Whirlpool (alphabetical order).

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Test Results 

We have ranked all hoods

The powerful search function gives you
access to specific information in over 600 tests.
Use the NeutraTEST Score to guide you.

Find the right one for your kitchen - fast

Sort by noise level or extraction capacity. Or start with price.
Each hood description is accompanied by a photo,
and there are 9 cooker hood types and many colours to choose from.

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