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Cookerhoodtests is the place that lists ALL cooker hoods – or extractor fans – on the condition that the manufacturers have their tests and documentation up to date, as is the legal obligation since January 2015.

Thanks to NeutraTEST you can easily choose between the best buy cooker hoods on the UK market.

You have free access to all the cooker hoods and you can utilise our search function to narrow down your choice according to your criteria, for example:

- Our performance score: The NeutraTEST Score
- Design and colour
- Noise level
- Air extraction rate
- Your budget

Our aim is to facilitate your choice in a jungle of cooker hoods, and we promise that the number of hoods we have will increase, and that our on-going objective is to have all the cooker hoods available for you to choose from.

Our Own Lab Score is a test score which at present concerns about a dozen of different brands, where one or more of their models have been tested using our procedures – inspired by reality. In other words, our test approach is based on how you as a consumer would most likely mount and make use of your cooker hood. We test all manufacturers and their extractor fans in the same lab and with the same approach, and each test is, of course, documented and can be reproduced.

The NeutraTEST Score is based on the mandatory European Energy Labelling information (and the underlying spec sheets) that, according to EU norm 65/2014, all manufacturers must provide. Each cooker hood is tested, the results are published, and the National Measurement and Regulation Office (NMRO) Enforcement Services acts as the overseeing authority. NeutraTEST analyses the specs and presents one global NeutraTEST Score per cooker hood, thereby making your choice much faster and better informed. Click on the Score in the table if you want the spec sheet with all the details!

We welcome your comments and opinions. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Jan Christiansen, Talent Developer, Aarhus Denmark:

Our cooker hood made an absolutely intolerable noise. So I disassembled it and added a layer of sound-absorbing asphalt underlay. It’s much quieter now. I have also had problems with the buttons which regularly pop out of their casing.

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