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Søren, Co-founder

Cooker Hoods - News from NeutraTEST

Bora Basic

If you are looking for a down draft extractor and you have your mind set on Bora, you shouldn’t read any further! You will probably be happy with your aesthetic choice. And in the right conditions, it may even be a decently working solution...


Cooker hoods from IKEA have become much better. I’m impressed by the progress over the last 5 years.

→ Our average NeutraTEST Score for all IKEA extractors hoods has increased by 17%.

Now my favourite hoods from IKEA all give excellent value for money:

More and more cooker hoods are being bought online. Klarstein is a German online sales specialist now selling in a dozen different countries.

Klarstein cooker hoods are not the most expensive. Below you can read what models to look for, and you’ll find some interesting deals, too.

Buying a Klarstein, it’s certainly the case that ...

1. How important is the design?

2. Must your cooker hood "do the job"?

3. How sensitive are you to noise?

4. Should your cooker hood last for 5 or 20 years?

5. How much are you willing to pay?

6. Do you have any possibility extracting the air?

We suggest that you go over the list once again, and answer each question slowly and seriously. If you want to be sure to remember your initial stance, you can write down the answers.

When you have answered the questions, please click the "read more" button.

Our indoor air quality suffers tremendously when we light candles or when we are not good at airing our homes in the winter. That we already know.

However, we are less aware of the fact that cooking a delicious dinner may also damage our health.

A properly mounted kitchen hood plays an important role here. With it, you’ll avoid ...

Update: September 2019

Makes sense? The conclusion from Tænk (the Danish Consumer Council, equivalent to ‘Which’) is …

PriceRunner may be the UK’s No1 price comparison site!

It’s easy to find dozens of price comparison engines. However, PriceRunner was chosen by Tænk, the leading Danish consumer magazine, as the best price comparison site of all. The reason is simple:

PriceRunner was the only portal that found all Tænk’s test winners at the best prices.

“If you’re in the United Kingdom, PriceRunner is the first ...

Need to replace your hood? Got a small cosy kitchen? Here is some useful, objective advice.

Our mission is to rate all cooker hoods on the market, and then help you - for free – to choose a great hood as fast as possible.

If you really like details, you may want to check out the 1,000+ hoods that we have tested and reported on. NeutraTEST is independent, objective and fair. Our aim is that consumers trust us and the NeutraTEST Score.

Here I have selected the 6 best hoods for you! My focus is on overall performance, noise and price!

Britannia cooker hoods

Britannia has a small, straightforward range with several widths and colours to choose from.

We expect that more types, for example island and ceiling hoods, will be added to their range in the future.

EU datasheets

A particularly thorough and smart cooker hood buyer has shared his experience with us. Read his story below.

The conclusion we can draw from this is that ONLY the EU datasheets provide a reliable base for comparing between brands and the performance of their models.

Cooker hood & LED

Which is going to need replacing first, your hood or its LED-light? A light that you cannot replace yourself, by the way!

And what about halogen bulbs used for cooker hoods? Is time up or is it still possible to buy them?

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The NeutraTEST Score explained

Based on our analysis of official EU data, compulsory as of 1 January 2015, we evaluate with one single character, called the NeutraTEST Score, the overall performance of each hood.

The scale ranges from 0 to 10, with 10 being the best.

We weight the extractor capacity of the hood measured in m3/h and the sound level measured in dB SPL (A), both at minimum, maximum and boost, by 60%. The remaining 40% is equally distributed between energy consumption and fat filter efficiency.

In addition, we continuously test hoods in our own laboratory.

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