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ICRT* (Which?) has tested a dozen different induction hobs with integrated extraction hoods. The overall performance is convincing.

When we look more into the test details, here are the pitfalls to avoid…..


Stay away from:

  • Fume extractors in recirculation mode.

    This option, which makes installation simpler, was not tested. The good results only concern combination models of hobs and fume extractors in extraction mode (expelling the air to the outside). So, do not conclude that induction zones with built-in downdraft cooker hoods work well in recirculation mode. My claim is that they probably do not.

  • Do not pay too much.

    There are only small differences among the best induction hobs with integrated ventilation units. NikolaTesla from Elica is close to the top level (see video just below), and significantly cheaper than most. Also, Fördelagtig from IKEA has a fair performance and has improved on safety. Fördelagtig still has a high noise level, though, for both the hood and the induction plates.

  • In the test, noise only counts for 20% of the overall score (10 % for the induction plates and 10 % or the extractor hood). So, if you are noise sensitive you must take a closer look at the technical specifications. Remember, that you are adding the noise from two sources: the induction plates and the extractor hood. If the two levels are close in intensity, the overall loudness will be significantly higher than with just one source.

In short, do not assume that an expensive induction hob with integrated hood will have a low noise level, nor be good in recirculation mode.


Important to remember:

  • The best induction hobs with integrated extractor are actually good under the right conditions. This video and the test results show this clearly.

  • High performers from BSH and Miele. All the combined models with induction and extraction from the BSH (Siemens, Bosch and Neff) and Miele Groups have only small differences. Novy was not tested. They are all high performers. I expect that there will soon come models from these manufacturers in the mid-range and later perhaps also in the budget range. When this happens, as a consumer you will – again - have to pay more attention to the performance of each product. Exactly as you must when you choose one of the other nine cooker hood types

  • Hard, short ducting without angles and with a large diameter is a prerequisite for excellent performance. This means, plan your kitchen so that your cooking area with the integrated extractor hood is close to an external wall. In the test set-up an efficient extraction to the outside is the fundament for a great cooker hood performance.

  • The integrated extraction solutions (in combination with hobs) clearly beat the traditional “stand-alone” downdraft hoods. Up until today, the table extractors or down draft extractors next to your cooking plates were sometimes attractive and impressive from a design point-of-view, but their performance was lacking.


Good to know about ICRT.

Which? cannot test all models, which is a weakness, but in this case - in my point of view - their market coverage is well above the 50%, they aim at. To complete the picture the following induction hob/integrated extractor you could check some of the following brands, for example Falmec, AEG, Silverline, or Franke.

The ICRT product selection is based on common sense:

“We get ideas and input from members and users on the website, from dialogue with manufacturers and suppliers, international collaborations and conferences, and we look at consumer policy and the Consumer Council Think's political highlights to get inspiration for the tests.”

“Usually we take the products off the shelf, which means that we buy the products in exactly the same way as you do. Sometimes we have to buy the products directly from the factory.”

“We do not receive any sponsorship from manufacturers or other commercial stakeholders. We always buy the products we send for testing. Expenses for the purchase of products, testing in laboratories and resources are paid by our members. Before a test is ready, we must identify which products are on the market and we choose which ones we want to test.” (Translated from the Danish original text here) .


1) This blog is inspired by test results published by Tænk in Denmark, which is the Danish Consumer Association, member of ICRT, and thereby a sister association to “Which?” in the UK. Did I say that I am a great fan of ICRT? I think that ICRT contributes significantly to help consumers at a European level.

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