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Smeg vertical hoods mounted on the wall

Three models from Smeg are to be found in this category of angled chimney hoods, the best one being KTC75 (75 cm). With a NeutraTEST Score of 5.78 and a recommended price of 1067£, this model exists in two versions: the KTS75CE in silver glass and the KTS75NCE in black glass, both designed with a frame of stainless steel. The hood gets an A in energy rating, and an E in grease filtering. The air flow goes from 278 to 549 m3/h, and 714 at boost speed. With regard to noise, the minimum level is at 56 dB, the maximum at 65, whereas the overall noise level in boost mode is significant: 72 dB!

The KCV9BE, a vertical 90 cm hood in stainless steel and white glass, achieves a score of 5.66. This hood also achieves an A in energy rating and a modest E in grease filtering efficiency. The air flow begins at a level of 235 m3/h, goes to 519 at maximum speed and all the way to 770 at boost speed, which we like. It is great to have a choice. 56 dB is tolerable, but a slightly high noise level for a minimum level, 65 at maximum is like the level of a normal animated conversation and again 72 dB at boost level is quite noisy.

According to the EU regulations of January 1st 2015, the cooker hood must automatically revert to maximum level after ten minutes of boost speed. In other words, you are not supposed to endure the 72 dB of noise for long periods of time, but still … We recommend that you think about how much noise you are willing to cope with and make your cooker hood choice accordingly.


Smeg wall mounted hoods

If you are looking for a 60 cm hood, our comparator currently makes it possible to compare two Smeg models. The best NeutraTEST Score goes to KAT600HXE with 5.45 points out of ten. The recommended retail price is 280£ and for this you get a B energy rating. The air flow varies from 240 at the lowest level to 352 at maximum level, and 603 at boost speed. In other words it is not the highest performing cooker hood and is thus more suitable for a smaller kitchen. The noise goes from 46 to 64 dB, and 69 at boost.

KD61XE only achieves a score of 4.26, but with a recommended retail price of only 150£, it is also one of the least expensive. The hood has a pyramid shape and is made of stainless steel. The energy rating only merits a D whereas the grease filtering efficiency gets a C. The advantage of a less powerful air extraction is that the greases have more time to deposit in the filters. The air flow goes from 300 to 570 m3/h with an equivalent noise level in dB of 50 to 71. There is no boost function.

Smeg offers several 90 cm wall mounted models. The most expensive of the four also has the highest score: KD90NE achieves 6.29 points and costs 630£ (recommended retail price). It is a black pyramid shaped hood with an energy rating of A. The air flow varies from 320 to 545 m3/h with a boost of 773 m3/h. 49 is the dB at minimum level, going to 62 at maximum and 70 at boost speed.

KS9500XE is a box model in stainless steel with a NeutraTEST Score of 5.83. We are again talking an A-energy rating. The boost is slighter higher than for the previous model: 789 m3/h which means that the minimum and maximum speed are slightly lower (306 to 535 m3/h). We like the air extraction performance, however you get noise levels to go with it. The noise level begins at 54, which is decent, goes to 69 at maximum speed and all the way to 73.5 dB at boost speed! The recommended retail price is 605£, so you do get value – and noise – for your money.

KAT900HXE is also a box model in stainless steel, this time with a score of 5.45 and at a price of 340£. This model achieves a B in energy rating, and performance wise it is thought for a smaller kitchen.

The pyramid shaped hood KD91XE in stainless steel gets a score of 4.26 with a recommended retail price of 200£. The energy rating is less good than for the others: a D. The hood offers no boost function, and air flow varies from 300 to 570 m3/h, again with a significant noise level: from 50 to 71 dB !

Smeg also offers one wall mounted model with a width of 120 cm, the KAT1200HXE with a NeutraTEST Score of 5,45 (same performance characteristics and design as the two smaller KAT-models) and one with a width of 70 cm, that is KAT700HXE. The latter has a slightly better score than its “brothers” (5.70 instead of 5.45) as the maximum air flow level is slightly higher with a lower dB !

That was it for the quick overview this time. We will be back as soon as we have more Smeg cooker hoods for you to look at …

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