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Island hoods

Here you will find 16 island hoods with a NeutraTEST Score from 5.39 to 6.92. The best score goes to the Bosch hood DIB091U51 which has a recommended retail price of £1039. Do remember to click on the model to check out the cheapest price - in this case £814.

Situated in the middle of island range hoods you will find three SMEG-models with a NeutraTEST Score between 6.02 and 6.05: Two 90 cm models, that is the KEIV90E and KI90XE, and one 120 cm hood, the KI120XE. All three are in stainless steel and have quite similar performance characteristics. If you prefer a glass design, you should go for KEIV90E. The latter has an A-class energy rating (where the two others are rated B) and the extraction levels go from 300 m3/h to 560 at maximum and 700 in boost mode. That corresponds to a noise level between 56 and66 dB and of 70 on boost. With regards to the KI90XE and KI120XE models, we like the fact that they go from 293 to 526 m3/h and all the way up to 754 in boost. 51 dB on minimum level is quite a low noise score, with 64-65 on maximum. 71 dB on boost is noisy but the boost level shouldn’t continue for more than 10 minutes.

Island range hoods are – compared with similar wall-mounted chimney hoods – quite expensive. If you have not yet fully configured your kitchen plan, you might want to take a look at our ‘which cooker hood should you choose for your kitchen island?’. Our point is that you will save much money and probably get a better long term solution by choosing a wall extractor hood.

Wall mounted chimney hoods

In June 2016, we published an overview of the Smeg chimney cooker hoods. Since then quite a few have been added to our database of tested cooker hoods. Here we go:


60 cm chimney hoods

If you are looking for a 60 cm cooker hood, Smeg offers 9 models, the best being the box model in stainless steel KAT600HXE with a NeutraTEST Score of 5.45. It is however not a high performing cooker hood and is better suited for a smaller kitchen.

KSED65BE with a white pyramid design achieves a Score of 5 points out of ten as does KSED65NEE (black pyramid), KSED65PE (cream) and KSED65XE (stainless steel).

If you prefer a glass design combined with stainless steel, you should take a look at these three models: KFV62DNE (black glass), KFV62DBE (white glass) and KFV62DE (transparent glass). However, the NeutraTEST Score is less impressive than for the previous mentioned cooker hoods: only 4.80.

KD61XE, again a pyramid shaped design, gets a NeutraTEST Score of 4.26. The positive point is the non-expensive price.

To get the full picture of the Smeg 60 cm models, the NeutraTEST Scores for this cooker hood type go from 3.15 to 6.26, with the top score to the Siemens hood LC67BE532.


70 cm chimney hoods

KSED75XE, a pyramid shaped hood in stainless steel, obtains a NeutraTEST Score of 4.95 which situates it in the middle of the field in its category. The top score of 6.46 goes to DWW077A50, a Bosch model.


90 cm chimney hoods

There are quite a few 90 cm chimney hoods to be compared. The NeutraTEST Scores vary from 3.53 to 6.64, achieved byby the Siemens model LC98BA572.

Nine chimney hoods from Smeg compete in this category and the best ones are the black pyramid shaped model KD90NE closely followed by the KD90XE in stainless steel. They obtain a competive score of 6.29, an A in energy rating and an air flow capacity that goes from 320 to 545 m3/h with a boost level of 773. The noise level goes from 49 to 62, and reaches 70 at boost level.

KS9500XE (box design in stainless steel) and KS912XE (stainless steel with a high 73 dB noise level in boost) also have good scores of 5.83 and 5.80.

KAT900HXE, KSED95PE (no boost level, cream), KFV92DE (no boost, stainless steel), KFV92DNE (no boost, black) and KD91XE have average NeutraTEST Scores, but are also less expensive.


100+ cm chimney hoods

Smeg offers two pyramid shaped models with a width of 100 cm and an A-class energy rating, that is KD100NE (black) and KD100XE (stainless steel). The NeutraTEST Score is a solid 6.28. The extraction speed goes from 334 to 567 m3/h and 788 on boost with a noise level that varies from 53 dB to 63 and 70 on boost.

If you look for a chimney hood with a 110 cm width, the box-models KS110XE (stainless steel) and KS110BLE (black) are available from Smeg. Again an A-energy rating, but with a slightly lower minimum speed level at 306 m3/h that goes to 535 on maximum level and 789 on boost. Surprisingly, the noise level is more important than for the 100 cm models: 54 dB to 69 and 74 on boost!

Two 120 cm models exist: KD120XE and KAT1200HXE. The first has a NeutraTEST Score of 6.28, the latter 5.45, which is reflected in a lower recommended retail price. The pyramid shaped KD120XE-model in stainless steel gets an A-class energy rating, and extracts 334 m3/h at minimum speed, 567 at maximum and 788 on boost level. The noise measured in dB SPL (A) goes from 55 to 63, and 70 on boost. The box-model KAT1200HXE in stainless steel is less good: the energy efficiency class is B, and it extracts 240 on minimum level and only 352 on maximum, and then goes to 603 on boost level. So it’s a large range hood with quite a slow air extraction speed. The advantage is that the grease will have more time to be caught in the grease filters, provided that the air will find its way into the hood. The noise level goes from 46 dB to 62 on maximum level and 69 on boost, which translates into a very comfortable noise level at minimum speed.

Smeg also has a big brother to the KD120XE-model, namely the KD150XE with identical performance characteristics and thus also a NeutraTEST Score of 6.28.


Wall mounted vertical chimney hoods

21 angled cooker hoods with a NeutraTEST Score ranking from 5.01 to 6.67 out of ten possible points. Four Smeg-models are comparable: KTS75NCE (black glass and stainless steel), KTS75CE (silver glass and stainless steel), KTS75BCE (white glass and stainless steel), all with a NeutraTEST Score of 5.78, and KCV9BE (white glass and stainless steel) with a Score of 5.66. These cooker hoods are priced just below £1000 mark, whereas the Siemens-model LC91KB672 with the best NeutraTEST Score in this category has a price tag of £1417.


Integrated worktop hoods

Of the four downdraught cooker hoods tested by us, the 90 cm black SMEG-model KDD90VXE comes in on a 2nd place with its NeutraTEST Score of 5.63. We like that the minimum level is low – 220 m3/h and 46 dB – which means that you can leave the motor running some time after having cooked without being disturbed by the noise. The maximum extraction level is 530 m3/h (at 65 dB) whereas boost goes to 710 m3/h at 70 dB. The energy efficiency class is only a C.

However, this type of cooker hood is quite expensive compared to other cooker hood categories, and we have doubts with regard to the actual efficiency over time. For your money you get an invisible solution, but the cooker hood is not situated above your stove and thus has to work very hard to extract the air.

Pull-out telescopic hoods

We offer you a comparison among 12 models from several brands where the NeutraTEST Score goes from 3.05 to 5.64 accorded to Siemens LI49632.

Three Smeg-models are evaluated in this category, two of which come in on a 4th place with a NeutraTEST Score of 4.70: KSET600XE and KSET900XE. Performance wise the two models are identical, only the width differs. The energy rating is a C-class, and the air extraction goes from 240 to 581 m3/h with a dB of 45-66. Please note that they do not offer a boost function. The third Smeg-model, KSET61E, obtains a Score of 3.4., which may be enough for a small kitchen.


Integrated ceiling

The two Smeg-models, KSEG90XE and KSEG120XE, in this category are outperformed by 6 of the 7 other models tested and published on here on Except for the width, the two Smeg-models are identical: stainless steel, a B-class energy rating and extraction from 300 to 700 m3/h on boost. The noise level goes from 57 to 76, which is very noisy!


Cupboard integrated extractor

One Smeg-model - the KSEI62E - is to be found in this category of cooker hoods that are fully integrated into an upper cupboard in the kitchen and thus completely invisible until in use. The NeutraTEST Score for this model is modest, only 2.4 out of ten. The other cupboard integrated cooker hoods are not much better: the NeutraTEST Score goes from 3.04 to 3.66. This category we think should receive much more focus from the manufacturers, but we have yet to see really impressive models in this area.


Integrated canopy

No less than 20 integrated canopy hoods are to be compared. The NeutraTEST Score varies from 2.95 to 6.26 out of ten possible points. The best one being LB79585GB from Siemens with a recommended retail price of £775, and available at £591 (click on the model for details).

The two best Smeg-models arrive at an 8th place with a Score of 5.37: KSEG54XE and KSEG77XE. The hoods are identical except for the width (54 or 77 cm), both in stainless steel and with a B-class energy rating. Performance wise, they extract 285 m3/h at minimum level going to 555 on maximum speed and 660 on boost level. The noise level varies from 54 over 67 to 71 on boost. The cheapest price for the 54 cm model is £549 and for the 77 cm model only £519.

The two remaining Smeg-models obtain modest scores: 4.0 for the 52 cm model KSEG5XE and 3.4 for the 70 cm model KSEG7E.

Watch out when you look at performance data in this category, as the manufacturers are moving. In some markets, for example in France, you may find very high performing extractor hoods of this type, even though historically this was not the case. In other words, today, when looking for an integrated canopy model you can get really excellent value for money.

We hope this overview has helped you to getting an idea about which cooker hood you should choose or not choose for your kitchen. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

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